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As for all communities with culture diversity, European citizens have strong communication needs for social or commercial activities. Of course a whole of methods of foreign languages flourished for decades with significant evolution. However there is still only few of people being fluent in another language, which tends to proof inadequacy of existing language learning methods. Based on observation of bilingual children, the objective of the project is to develop a new language learning method based on an innovative linguistic approach.

Adapted courses materials combined to IST development of the project especially in signal processing will allow to implement these concepts and learn a foreign language more instinctively, in a more interactive way, and consequently more efficiently. The objective is to reduce by 50 % the time needed, foreign language acquisition, of adults and young adults (age 18-30 / 55-65), first of the major EU languages (English, German, Italian).

Description of work

The consortium is willing to benefit from recent knowledge of Information Science Technologies progress, in particular in signal processing, to develop and implement the linguistic concepts.

Milestones and expected results

For Citizens, FLIC method will be a real opportunity of learning foreign languages:

Through this linguistic and pedagogical improvement, the FLIC project will contribute to the saving of linguistic diversity, extend full benefit of European citizenship, facilitate life-long process in language learning.